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Our Fellows of Jane Franklin Hall

Our Fellows are academics or professionals, carefully selected as senior members of the Jane Franklin Hall community. Providing professional and academic leadership, as well as social, pastoral and financial contributions, Fellows act as mentors and provide support to our students.

Each resident is assigned a Fellow relevant to their studies who they can approach for knowledge and advice whenever they need.

Our Fellows come from a variety of backgrounds, from arts to law and medicine to science. Along with Council members, Fellows are our Jane community's most senior and distinguished members.

Here is the list of current Jane Fellows:

Honorary Fellow

  • Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM

    Governor of Tasmania


  • Mr Daniel Aitken

    Marketing Manager, Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)

  • Prof Dirk Baltzly

    Professor, Philosophy, University of Tasmania

  • Dr Paul Blacklow

    Lecturer, Economics, University of Tasmania

  • Rev Dr Lesley Borowitzka

    Minister, Anglican Parish of Channel/Cygnet

  • Prof Emeritus Michael Borowitzka

    Professor, Marine Phycology and Director of the Algae R&D Centre, Murdoch University

  • Dr Toni-Anne Carroll

    Teacher, Maths and Science

  • Mr Dean Cooper


  • Dr Rosemary Dobber

    Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr Damien Holloway

    Lecturer, Engineering, University of Tasmania

  • Mr Wayne Johnson

    Lawyer and Senior Manager, Tasmanian Public Service

  • Dr John Kertesz

    Lecturer, Education, University of Tasmania

  • Dr Mandy Lo

    General Practitioner

  • Prof Jeff Malpas

    Distinguished Professor, Philosophy, University of Tasmania

  • Professor Tim McCormack FAAL

    Professor of Law

  • Ms Madeleine Ogilvie

    Lawyer and Politician

  • Mr John Panckridge

    Musician, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

  • Dr Mala Raghaven

    Lecturer, Economics, University of Tasmania

  • Dr Mary Self

    Surgeon, Royal Hobart Hospital

  • Hon Denise Swan

    Lawyer and Politician

  • Ms Anna Tayler

    Associate Lecturer, Personal Development, University of Tasmania

  • Rev Rosalind Terry

    Minister, Uniting Church

  • Dr Phillip Thomson

    General Practitioner

  • Dr Brian Walpole

    Doctor, Emergency Medicine Physician

  • Prof Rob White

    Lecturer, Criminology, University of Tasmania

Distinguished Fellows

  • Mrs Doris Banks

    Fellow Emerita

  • Dr Adrian Blackman

    Fellow Emeritus

  • Prof David Elliot

    Fellow Emeritus

  • Dr Karla Fenton

    Fellow Emerita

  • Mrs Libby Mercer

    Honorary Life Fellow

  • Professor Mark Harrison

    Honorary Life Fellow

  • Mr Wayne Goninon

    Honorary Life Fellow

  • Dr Louise Wells

    Honorary Life Fellow