The Jane Way

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What sets us apart

Jane provides a unique offering for students pursuing higher education. More than just accommodation, what sets us apart from other student living options is the commitment with which we bring a collegial experience to life for the benefit of our community

So, what does a college experience involve and how do we bring it to life at Jane?

  • We immerse young adults in a caring, open and active community where students come first.
  • We provide students with a platform to share meals, ideas and opinions - informally in our communal dining hall and more formally in forums such as our weekly Intercambio (an academic exchange of ideas).
  • We encourage excellence and instil a love for academic exploration by offering tailored study programs and opportunities to engage with our Fellows.
  • We provide opportunities to connect with our vast alumni network.
  • We support residents with on-site, dedicated staff who are available at all hours.
  • We promote shared values and the importance of ethics and respect.
  • We provide student leadership opportunities through programs such as our Student Club Committee and Senior Resident Roles.
  • We promote the strengths and talents of our students, allowing young adults to grow, experiment and become who they want to be in a safe environment.
Joanna Rosewell

“The Jane Model puts the student firmly at the centre of every decision we make. The environment we create for our students is what separates us from other accommodation options and brings us together as a community.”

– Joanna Rosewell, Principal