Balance and well-being

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Support, safety and security

Our residents and their parents find peace of mind knowing that our collegiate model provides supervision, stability and 24/7 support.

In essence, his means that everyone — including our staff members, Fellows and academic tutors — looks out for our residents. We work hard to ensure all students are connected; there is always someone to talk to, to share key moments with or to help out with their study.

A benefit of College life is our on-the-ground staff, who very often are the first to note if a student needs help. We are proud of how well we know each student at Jane, and how much care we invest in each member of our tight-knit community.

Student well-being

While rewarding, we know that university can also be a challenging time for our students, which is why their mental and physical well-being is our top priority.

Our commitment to providing 24/7 support is made possible through the Student Well-being Team, made up of the Dean of Students and the Senior Residents.

The Dean of Students is the primary support provider for the College and offers:

  • Face-to-face support
  • Contact with parents
  • Cultural support
  • Academic and tutoring support
  • University liaison services
  • Support service referrals.

Lead by the Dean of Students and employed for their leadership skills, the Senior Residents are live-in members of staff. They act as peer leaders within the community and provide after-hours assistance.

Senior Residents are required to have a Working with Vulnerable People check and, as likely first responders in any challenging situation, undergo a rigorous training program that includes:

  • First aid and mental health first aid
  • Fire warden
  • Equal opportunities awareness
  • Autism awareness
  • Mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Sexual assault and harassment awareness (SASH)
  • Cultural awareness
  • Harassment and bullying awareness.

Safety and Security

Our grounds aren’t just beautifully maintained, they’re also secure:

  • Located in South Hobart, a safe and peaceful suburb
  • All external doors require keys to enter
  • Timed gates close at 10:00 pm each night
  • Resident-only access to gates and entrances after 10:00 pm
  • On-call residential staff.