Why Donate?

Three residents

Shaping the future

Our vision is to produce the future leaders, innovators and thinkers of society, well-adjusted and confident individuals who value their Jane experience as central to their success in life. To achieve this vision we need the support of the entire Jane community. While support can come in many forms, the best way you can help us, is through monetary gifts.

Your donation to Jane will allow us to:

  • Offer scholarships to ensure that all those who embrace the spirit of academic collegiality are welcome regardless of background or personal circumstance.
  • Create physical and virtual spaces to ensure Jane is an engaging, comfortable place for residents.
  • Provide the very best assistance for academic and professional development.
  • Deliver a viable, quality collegiate experience based on the Oxford and Cambridge model of residency long into the future.

You can help us by:

  • Donating through our website here
  • Leaving us a bequest in your will
  • Creating a scholarship in the name of yourself or a loved one
  • Raising money for us

For more information please contact the Principal, Joanna Rosewell at principal@jane.edu.au or call (03) 62 100 100.