Our Council

OS-Jane Franklin Hall Awards Dinner-7

Council of Jane Franklin Hall

As the governing body of Jane Franklin Hall, Council are the decision makers of the College's affairs and policies, including the strategic direction of Jane and the College's finances. All members of Council are volunteers.

JFH Rules of Association 2023

JFH Council Charter 2023

  • Dr John Kertesz


  • Ms Philippa Dawson

    Deputy Chair

  • Ms Ginna Webster

  • Professor Michael Stoddart

  • Emeritus Professor Michael Borowitzka

  • Mr David Morris

  • Mr Paul Byrne

  • Mr Justin Hill

Ex-officio observers

  • Ms Joanna Rosewell


  • Mr Charlie Townsend

    President Jane Student Club Committee

  • Ms Jolie May

    Vice President Jane Student Club Committee; Student Club Representative